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What is the My Skills Page?

Any user in a group with associated skills, assessment requests, or coaching plans can access an overview of items being requested and completed tasks on the "My Skills" page.

If a user is not in a group with associated skills they are prompted with, "You are not currently being measured on skills. Once added to a team that measures skills, they will appear here."

The Skills Dashboard

The Skills dashboard includes:

At A Glance

The "At a Glance" chart shows each skillset self-reflection and performance metric with the user's associated score.

When hovering over a skillset, the user can view the score provided and is able to select the bar in the graph for more details.

Skill Levels

Skill levels show the aggregate scoring across all the assessment types for each group on different skill sets. The user can choose to select a particular skill to view more detail.

For more information on how skills scores are aggregated, check out this article.

Coaching Plans

When selecting a "Coaching Plan" the user has the ability to see the details of the plan and the tasks needing to be completed.


Selecting into an assessment takes the user to view the assessment and any ratings or comments left.

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