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Are you a Lessonly user with content creation permissions? If so, you have the power to add six different question elements to your lessons. These practice questions test how well learners understand your training content. ๐Ÿง 

To locate the question elements, navigate to the lesson builder, then open the Add Element menu. Hover over Question, then select one of six elements from the submenu.

All questions can be set to "Required" or "Not Required."

All questions besides multiple choice and multiple selections can be set to "Graded" or "Not Graded." By default, multiple-choice and multiple selections are automatically graded by the platform.

Free Response

The free-response question element allows learners to answer a question with unstructured prose.

Free-response questions that are set to be Graded are sent to the grading station where they're manually graded by admins, managers, or specified graders.

Working with specified graders? Want to give them examples of correct answers to reference when grading free-response questions? Read this article to learn about including an answer key.

Multiple Choice

Multiple-choice questions are automatically graded by the platform. Graders cannot provide feedback for multiple choices. Multiple choice answers are static, i.e., they're not scrambled after a user attempts the question.

Multiple Select

Multiple select questions are automatically graded by the platform. Multiple select answers are static and not scrambled after a user attempts the question.

Note: For users to be marked correct, all correct choices need to be selected.


Survey questions allow users to answer a survey without being graded on their responses. Lesson builders can make survey questions "Required" or "Not Required."

Important Note: Survey questions in Lessonly cannot be marked as anonymous. To do this, Lessonly recommends using a third-party platform such as Survey Monkey.

Randomized Questions

Randomized questions allow the lesson builder to choose from a variety of question elements to be included. With randomized questions, each user sees a different question. If the same user has to retake the lesson again, a different question populates for them.

Upload a Document as a Response

Upload Response questions allow the user to upload a document as an answer to the question. The accepted document formats are .pdf .ppt .pptx .xls .xlsx .doc .docx .odt .odp .ods .txt .rtf .jpg .png .img.

When marked as "Graded" the uploaded document needs to be reviewed and marked either correct or incorrect.

For more information on uploading documents as answers, check out this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a countdown timer be added to question elements?

A. Not at this time. Is this an option you'd like to have? Let our product team know by submitting your suggestions to our feedback portal.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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