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Q. Is there an additional cost to use SCORM files in Seismic Learning?

A. No, support for SCORM files is included for all customers, regardless of subscription tier.

Q. What SCORM file formats does Seismic Learning accept?

A. Learning accepts the following formats:

  • AICC (3.5, HACP version of 4.0) - .AU, .CRS, .CRT, .DES

  • xAPI (requires a tincan.xml file)

  • cmi5 (requires a cmi5.xml file)

  • SCORM 1.2

  • SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions)

πŸ’‘ Important! Each SCORM package must contain an imsmanifest.xml file except the xAPI specification, which requires a tincan.xml file.

Q. What size should my SCORM player window be?

A. To display correctly within Learning, your SCORM window should have dimensions of 906x690. For full-screen SCORM windows, use dimensions of 815x576.

Q. Are SCORM files limited to a maximum size?

A. SCORM packages should be less than 1 GB.

​Q. What characters are forbidden in SCORM file names?

A. File names cannot contain plus ( + ) or pipe ( | ) characters.

Q. Is Seismic Learning compatible with SCORM Cloud Dispatch (a.k.a. cloud hosting?)

A. No. If you add a new version of your course to SCORM Cloud, that course will not automatically update in Learning. You must manually upload the latest version of a course package according to instructions found in this article.

Q. Is there a way to map user emails from Seismic Learning to the SCORM provider instead of the Learning user ID?

A. No, Learning cannot map users with emails.

Q. Can I bulk upload SCORM files?

A. This feature is not currently supported. Would you like to see it in a future product release? Send your ideas and suggestions to our product feedback portal. Alternatively, you can purchase service hours for help uploading SCORM lessons. Contact your account manager for details.

Q. My company manages two Learning instances. Can I copy SCORM lessons from one instance to another?

A. No. A shell of the lesson, its title and description, will copy over, but the SCORM package will not. The SCORM .ZIP file must be uploaded to each version of the lesson.

Regular lessons can be copied from one instance to another, however. Send such requests to the Support team at

Q. Can I choose how SCORM files launch in Seismic Learning?

A. Yes, SCORM files can be iFramed/embedded into the Learning window, or the file can be open in a new window.

  • Embedded SCORM files: When the SCORM training is embedded into a lesson users are prompted to complete the training by selecting a button, link, or reaching a goal in the file. The SCORM file is using a triggered event to signal completion to SCORM Cloud.

  • SCORM lessons launched in a new window: When the "Open in new window" option is selected the SCORM file prompts the user to launch the file in a new window when opened.

When SCORM lessons are opened in a new window, users may be closing the popup window when finished, rather than completing the training by clicking a button or link. If the SCORM file is written with an LMSFinish to fire off upon closing of the window then users are marked complete in Seismic Learning.

For users logging in to Learning using Chrome 80, or a later version, the window closing action no longer calls LMSFinish in the SCORM file. Users are left on the Seismic Learning lesson page if they close the SCORM pop-up, rather than selecting a finish button or link within the SCORM file. To rectify this, the user can select the "Return to LMS" link in the iFrame window or click on the "here" link in the text above the iFrame window.

πŸ’‘ Important! Both of these options work as long as the SCORM file is only using the window closing event to signal completion, and not to send additional data. If the SCORM file is using the window closing event to send additional data, customers need to edit their SCORM files to make them work differently.

Q. How is user name data returned from Seismic Learning to a vendor's system when a course is launched?

A. Since Learning contains a Full Name field instead of separate First Name and Last name fields, Seismic Learning does not return a Last Name field value, only a First Name field value containing the user's full name in Learning.


getValue(cmi.core.student_name) returned '[Last Name], [First Name]'

What Learning returns for Name:

getValue(cmi.core.student_name) returned '[empty space/nothing here], [Isabel Tijerina]'

If a vendor's system is throwing an error similar to "User Handling: Login ID, First Name, or Last Name cannot be blank," then the vendor either needs to update how names are accepted to accommodate the blank Last Name or use the user ID instead.

The Student ID returned is the Seismic Learning User ID.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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