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What Are Content Distributors?

Distributors are users who can view or share lessons and paths, and assign them to users they manage; but they cannot edit or publish training content. Any user who has permission to manage other users can be added as a content distributor. Distributors needn't own content in order to share or assign it.

Making a manager a content distributor effectively strips him or her of the permission to edit the content they distribute. By default, managers have permission to own content on a case-by-case basis, and the ability to create or edit content. Once a manager has been made the distributor of a particular lesson or path, however, they will no longer be able to edit that lesson or path.

Using distributors is an effective way to ensure the integrity of training content (by limiting the number of people who can edit it) while simultaneously ensuring that learners receive the training they need.

How to Add Distributors to Lessons

From the Content page, select the lesson to which you want to add a distributor. On the lesson overview page, locate the Add Distributors field among the settings in the right-hand menu. You can make an individual user a distributor provided he or she has permission to manage other users. You can also make a group a content distributor.

Lessonly's typeahead functionality will attempt to automatically complete the user's name, as pictured below. To remove a distributor, select the X next to their name.

Follow the same process to add distributors to a path. Locate the Path Distributors field in the settings menu on a path's overview page.

If a user has already been given ownership of a lesson or path, they don't need be added as a distributor.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: At this time there is no option to bulk add distributors.

Distributor Permissions

Distributors can take the following actions:

  • Preview published content

  • Preview lesson drafts and versions

  • Add/remove tags

  • Add additional distributors

  • Assign content to users they manage

  • Add optional learning content to the Learn page for groups they manage

Distributors cannot take the following actions:

  • Create or edit a draft

  • Set or change a retake score

  • Set or change an approximate completion time

  • Add or edit owners

  • Specify graders

  • Set lesson experts

  • Feature lessons on the Learn page

  • Add or remove background or cover images

  • Change a lesson's share settings

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