What is the In-App Skills Guide?

For first-time Skills admins when landing on the Skills homepage they'll be met with the in-app tutorial guide prompting the user to select "Start Setup Wizard."

After selecting the wizard, the user's progress is automatically saved and can be picked up later if they need to exit Skills before finishing the tutorial.

Once the wizard is complete, it will no longer be accessible and cannot be triggered again.

When started, the in-app tutorial walks the admin through:

  • Role template creation

  • How to add Skills to the skill library

  • How to edit a skill

  • How to add skills to a group or role

The Skills In-App Tutorial Walk-Through

After selecting "Start Setup Wizard" it directs the user to create "Roles for Teams"(Role Templates).

When choosing "+ Create New Role" the user is navigated to the "Create New Role Template" page > then select "Create Role."

Any recently created roles appear denoted by "New" on the right-hand side.

A Skills admin can create as many roles as they want, skip this step, or come back later and add more.

Once the roles have been set up > select "Continue" to move to the next step - "Manage Skill Library."

Select "+ Create New Skill" to begin adding skills to the Skill Library.

Once selecting " + Create New Skill" this opens the "Create New Skill" page prompting the admin to input the skill attributes. Then select "Publish Skill" to be taken back to the in-app tutorial.

The recently created skills are denoted by "New" on the right-hand side. The user can either continue adding skills or move on to the next step.

Select "Continue" to move on to assigning skills to teams.

๐Ÿšจ Assigning skills to teams is a required step to complete the in-app tutorial walk-through. If left incomplete, the wizard remains unfinished for the user.

To complete this step, the admin must at least have one team to assign skillsets to continue.

On the "Assign Skills to Teams" page, the user can select "+ Create New Team" triggering a "Create Group" modal.

The user can select a team to edit or connect skills to and it directs them to the "Team Settings" page.

The user can select specific skills on the left-hand side to add them to the "Group Skills," > then select "Save Changes" to go back to the wizard.

Finally, select "Continue" to move on to the last step, "Additional Options."

This last step exposes the additional options for setting up skills. These steps are not required for the initial setup.

Each link opens in a new tab, so the user won't be navigated away from the wizard.

  • Skill Library

  • Performance Metrics

  • Role Templates

Then select "Finish" to complete the in-app tutorial guide for Skills.

If skills weren't added to groups or the wizard is incomplete, the admin will see this page the next time they log in prompting them to complete the in-app tutorial.

If you have any questions please reach out to the Support team at support@lessonly.com.

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