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Use the Skills Setup Wizard
Use the Skills Setup Wizard

This step-by-step tutorial helps new Skills admins set up their accounts

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When Skills admins first launch the Skills app they'll be met by an in-app setup tool. Select Start Setup Wizard to begin the setup process. Your progress is saved as you move through the tutorial.

Note: After you complete the initial setup process the wizard will no longer be accessible and cannot be reinstated.

The wizard walks users through these steps:

  • Create roles for teams. Roles enable your organization to set standards and better define expectations for team members. When creating roles, define job titles that matter to your organization, set assessment standards for skills that roles require, and connect roles to teams.

  • Manage skill library. Build and maintain your skill library for your entire organization. These are the skills used by the Teams in your organization for Assessments and Coaching Plans. Edit defaults, create new skills, or delete old ones.

  • Assign skills to teams. Create Teams by assigning Skills to either Roles or individual Groups. Form Teams by assigning skills to either a Group or Role. Managers can then provide feedback, request feedback, and create Coaching Plans for their Teams. All Groups within a Role will be a Team.

  • Add related content to Skills. Help teams improve in skill performance with learning content and external links as a resource. Edit any skill in the skill library for the ability to add relevant content.

  • Set assessment standards. Define what it means to achieve specific assessment ratings. Edit or add a new Role Template for the ability to add assessment standards for each skill.


Select Create New Role to load the role template builder.

Select Create New Template. Give the role a name, and then assign it to one or more teams. Changes made to this role template apply to all assigned teams.

Select Save Changes to continue.

Next, add skills to your Skill Library. Skills are the building blocks you use to create assessments and coaching plans. New accounts come pre-loaded with several skill templates. Select any skill from the menu to update its name and description, or delete it altogether.

Select Save Changes to save any updates you make.

Next, form teams by assigning skills to either a group or role. Select Create New Team to load the selection dialog. Because the Skills app is synced with Seismic Learning's core training app, the same groups appear in this dialog as on the People page.

Select an existing group from the list or search it by name. Alternatively, select Create New Group to open the People page in a new window, then follow the group creation process described in this article.

After you've selected a group, you'll be directed to the Team Settings page. Here, you'll assign the skills you want team members to practice.

Select skills from the library on the left side of the page. Use the Team Skills pane to edit or remove skills. Select Save Changes to return to step three of the setup wizard (Assign Skills to Teams). Repeat as many times as necessary until a skillset has been added to each team in your organization.

Finally, select Continue to advance to the last step, Additional Options.

Here, you can add related content to Skills, create and link performance metrics, or set assessment standards. Selecting any of these three options will open a new window in which the associated work can be completed.

Select Finish to complete initial setup. A success alert will display, summarizing your work and prompting you to notify managers by sending a share link. Select Copy Share Link to copy this URL to your clipboard.

Select X to close the dialog, or select Go to Team to load the Team page in the Skills app.

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