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How to Integrate Medallia Agent Connect with Lessonly
How to Integrate Medallia Agent Connect with Lessonly
Supplement 1:1 coaching sessions by linking agents to Lessonly content
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What Is Medallia Agent Connect?

Medallia Agent Connect keeps customer service agents connected and informed with role-specific dashboards, transparent feedback and personalized coaching.

Why Integrate Medallia Agent Connect with Lessonly?

When the two are connected, managers can link to relevant Lessonly content within Agent Connect's personalized 1:1 coaching sessions. By supplementing these sessions with training content, managers ensure that agents are given the resources they need to enhance their skills or improve problem areas.

πŸ’‘ Important Note: Only lessons, not paths or practice scenarios, can be linked in 1:1s.

How to Enable the Integration

You must be using Agent Connect 1:1s and you must have a Lessonly subscription. Also, the user enabling the integration must be a Lessonly admin or a user with permission to edit company settings.

From Agent Connect's Settings screen, click Integrations...

...then click Connect Lessonly.

A dialog will prompt you to enter your Lessonly Subdomain & API Key. These can be found in Lessonly's Settings menu, which can be accessed by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner of Lessonly's interface.

Select the API & Webhook tab from the Settings menu, then click Show API credentials. Copy the subdomain and API key.

🚨 Important Note: Treat your API key as a password! Keep it secret, keep it safe.

After adding these credentials, select Connect to continue the setup process.

In the dropdown field, select one of the following visibility permissions for Lessonly content:

  • Public Only: Only lessons set as publicly available will appear in Agent Connect.

  • Public and Private: Both public and private lessons will appear in Agent Connect.

Click Update to continue.

Lessonly content visibility permission

To learn if a lesson is public or private in Lessonly, select it from the Content tab. From the lesson's overview page, select the Share button in the upper right corner.

How to Use the Integration

After the integration is complete, you can add Lessonly content to 1:1s. For more information on configuring and using 1:1s, click here.

Click Add New in the Lessons section of any 1:1 session to search for and add Lessonly content to the session.

πŸ’‘ Important Note: It is possible to add Lessonly content to a 1:1 session with a team member who does not have permission to access that content inside of Lessonly.

Adding Lessonly content to a 1:1 session

Added content is made available to the team member and team lead directly in the session. Click a Lessonly tile to open that content.

Lessonly content available in a 1:1 session

Integration Explainer Video

This 30-second video demonstrates the Lessonly + Agent Connect integration and gives a high-level overview of its features.

This integration was built by our partners at Medallia. Please direct questions about the integration to their Support team.

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