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About the Sorting Element

The sorting element is a knowledge check that tests learners' comprehension by giving them a list of answers that must be arranged in a particular order. Learners can rearrange the items in the list and check their answer until they get it right. The sorting element is not graded, so learners can practice as many times as they like without penalty, thereby increasing engagement and promoting retention of the information.

Locate the Sorting Element

Navigate to the lesson builder, and then select Add Element > Knowledge Check > Sorting.

Create Sorting Elements

Enter a prompt about the knowledge you wish to test, and then add up to 10 items for learners to place in the correct order. Items are limited to 65 characters apiece.

To rearrange an item, select the arrows to move it up or down the list, or hover over the item to reveal a triple bar icon (☰). Click and drag this icon to move the item from one place to another.

What Learners See

When learners engage sorting activities, they see your prompt followed by the items to be ranked or reordered. These items are randomized each time the activity is attempted. When learners finish sorting, they can check their work by selecting Check Answer.

Sorting elements are automatically graded, so learners immediately see which items they've placed in correct or incorrect positions. Green check marks indicate correct answers, red crosses indicate wrong ones. A count of each kind is shown at the top of the element. To revise an answer, learners must select Try Again.

After learners answer correctly, the Try Again button is disabled, and the learner is prompted to continue the lesson.

Note: Knowledge checks cannot be made optional at this time. Moreover, it's not enough that learners merely answer the knowledge check; they must solve it by verifying their choices. Should learners attempt to complete a lesson without checking their knowledge, they'll be met with a notice like the one pictured below.

Accessibility Features

You can complete sorting knowledge checks using only your keyboard.

  1. Press the Tab key until a focus indicator appears on the first item in the quiz. The indicator outlines each item in blue. Press Shift + Tab to move focus in reverse order.

  2. Press the Spacebar to select an item.

  3. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move the item up or down the list.

  4. Press the Spacebar to drop an item in place.

  5. After arranging all items, move focus to Check Answer at the bottom of the quiz, and then press Enter.​

You can also enable a screen reader to have these steps spoken aloud while you work. The reader announces button text, your position on the page, and how to make selections.

Insights & Data

Users with access to Insights, Learning's training analytics dashboard, can generate two reports on knowledge check activities, one that aggregates all attempts recorded in your account during the previous 90 days, and one that calculates the percentage of correct attempts. Both reports can be found under the More Reports tab.

Sorting element data is also included in the export report, located directly above the bar graph on the lesson overview page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the sorting element graded?

A. No, learners can retry it without penalty.

Q. Do learners need to complete the sorting element to finish a lesson?

A. Yes, this knowledge check must be answered correctly before learners can finish a lesson.

Q. Is a prompt required?

A. Yes, a prompt is required to complete the sorting element. The element must be completed before the lesson containing it can be published.

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