Explore your attribution home page in order to view, create and manage attributions. Your Attribution Home page comprises the following features:

  1. Tracker List
  2. Create Tracker
  3. Search Tracker
  4. Pause / Resume Tracker
  5. Edit Tracker
  6. View Reports

1. Campaign List

This is the default landing page (home page) of attribution (figure 1). All the campaigns created are listed in the attribution home page.

figure 1

2. Create Tracker

To create a Tracker, click the CREATE TRACKER button. For full detailed instructions on this, visit Creating a Tracker.

3. Search Tracker

Enter the search term in the "Search Attribution" text box. (refer figure 2). You need to enter at least, two or three letters of your search term. As you enter the search term, the system will start displaying the matching Tracker names below.

figure 2

4. Pause / Resume Tracker

When you pause a tracker, you are temporarily suspending that tracker's activity. This is not permanent; you can also un-pause the tracker at any time from your dashboard by clicking the "Play" button icon. When you un-pause the tracker, your tracker will resume immediately.

figure 3

1, Go to "Attribution" dashboard.

2. Scroll down and hover your mouse over the campaign tracker you want to pause.

3. Click the "Pause" button.

4. Click Yes reconfirming the action.

5. Tracker moves from "Active" tab to "Paused" tab.

5. Edit Tracker

To edit the tracker, hover the mouse over the attribution tracker that you want to edit, and then click the EDIT icon button.

figure 4

6. View Attribution Report

To view the attribution report, hover the mouse over the attribution tracker that you want to see the report and click the REPORT button. For full detailed information on this, visit "Viewing Attribution Report".

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