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How to add a Contact Form Link
How to add a Contact Form Link
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A Contact Form Link allows you to stay connected with your visitors by allowing them to share their contact details with you so that you can get in touch.

💡Tip: Alternatively, you can also add a Contact Details link if you would like your visitors to download your contact details.

🔔 Note: Linktree doesn't store any contact details from your respondents. The contact details that are submitted will either go directly to your email inbox or if you have connected a Google Sheet to the form, it'll be stored in the Sheet.


  1. In your Linktree Admin, hit the + Add link button.

  2. Select View all to see our Link Apps and find the Contact Form option under the Grow your following section.

    💡 Tip: You can also click Add to Linktree from the Linktree Marketplace.

  3. Give your link a Title.

  4. In the link setup, toggle on the options that you'd like to make visible to your visitors in your form.

  5. Select Send to email and enter the email address that responses will be sent.

  6. If you're on our paid plans, hit Connect Google Sheets to set up and save the responses in a spreadsheet. If you are on our Free plan, the responses will be sent to the email that you entered in step 5.

  7. Toggle on the option to include Custom T&Cs and complete the fields.

📲 Using the Linktree app? Click here for instructions.

Adding a Contact Form on Linktree

Now that you have set up your Contact Form Link, the responses that you receive will be sent to the email address that you entered in step 5.

💡 Tip: If you are unable to find your responses in your main inbox, please check your Junk, Spam, Promotional, or any other alternative folders in your inbox for the responses. If you found the responses in these folders, mark them as "not spam" to make sure you receive future responses in your inbox.

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