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How to connect your Apple Performance Partners Program & Commission Junction programs to Linktree
How to connect your Apple Performance Partners Program & Commission Junction programs to Linktree
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💡 Tip: Linktree works with all existing affiliate programs. If you've onboarded to an affiliate program, you can add affiliate products using Store.

Currently, Linktree supports Apple Performance Partners Program, book advertisers from Commission Junction (Barnes & Noble, Better World Books, Tidal, and Books a Million), and Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon associates).

  • The Apple affiliate program allows Apple partners to earn commissions on qualifying Apple Music memberships as well as sales of movies, tv shows, books, audiobooks, and more.

  • The Commission Junction affiliate program allows advertisers from Barnes & Nobles, Better World Books, Books a Million, and Tidal to earn a commission.

  • The Amazon Affiliate Program allows Amazon associates to receive commissions from referral traffic. This program is available for all 19 associate countries.

🔔 Note: Apple, Commission Junction and Amazon make all the payments for their affiliate programs. For more information on commissions and payments, check out the Apple Services Commissions and Payments, Commission Junction Payment Cycle, and Amazon Payment Schedule.

How to add an affiliate token on Linktree

Creators can add their affiliate tokens into their Linktree to start collecting payments from affiliate programs. The best thing about it is that creators will only need to add their affiliate tokens only once to start earning affiliate revenue.


  1. Head to the Settings tab of your Admin.

  2. Scroll down or select the Affiliate Programs section.

  3. Hit Connect Program.

  4. In the Affiliate Partner pop-up, select either Apple or Commission Junction.

    1. If you select the Apple option, enter your Apple affiliate token and hit Connect.

    2. If you select the Commission Junction option, select your Advertiser and enter your PID and AID, then hit Connect.

    3. If you select the Amazon option, select your Amazon country and enter your Associates store ID.

  5. Create a new music link or book link in the Links tab of your Admin.

  6. Turn on your link.

That’s it! You can start driving traffic to your affiliate company.

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