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Getting started: from kibble to raw
Getting started: from kibble to raw
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We know the thought of transitioning your dog from kibble to a raw diet can be daunting, especially if you are considering homemade meals. However, the long-term benefits of switching to raw food (and the convenience of Little Hunter freeze-dried) make the switch worth it. Whether you’re a new customer or still in the research phase, we’ve put together some tips to help the transition go smoothly.

1. Use our feeding calculator to see how much Little Hunter your pup would need.

2. Once you figure out how much you'll need per day/week, head to our menu to pick your pup's favorite recipe!

3. Add recipes to your "bowl" (also known as your cart!) by choosing between a one-time order or saving 10% by signing up with a subscription.

4. When you're done adding the meals and treats you want, click the dog bowl on the upper right-hand side. All of your chosen products will be displayed there for your review.

5. Go through our convenient checkout process.

6. You'll receive tracking information when your order is on its way to you, along with instructions on how to transition your pups to Little Hunter.

Questions? Our support team is always here to help – call/text our pack at (715) 204-4275 or use the form below to reach out!

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