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Getting started with Llama Life
Getting started with Llama Life

A quick guide to help you start working through your tasks in 2 minutes

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Welcome! We are excited to have you onboard. 🥳

Once you've registered, you will automatically have access to our 7 day free trial, and access to all our features.

We will walk you through a quick onboarding process, showing you the basics to creating and editing your tasks, as well as asking a few questions to set some initial settings... then you're ready to go!

A quick start guide for both the iOS app and desktop:

  • Add tasks to your list

  • For each task, add a duration in minutes. If no duration is added, it will default to 25 min. (TIP: If this is challenging, try starting with shorter timers eg 5 min, and breaking big tasks into smaller ones.)

  • The task at the top of your list is automatically loaded into the timer. THIS task should be your current focus.

  • When you're ready to begin the task, start the timer by clicking the ‘play button'.

✨ The goal is to try and give this task 100% of your focus, till the timer runs out.

Desktop view:

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