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How does Llama Life work?
How does Llama Life work?

How will Llama Life help me to have calm, focused productivity?

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Llama Life uses a concept called ‘timeboxing’, which is the practice of setting a fixed amount of time to each task. This creates a useful constraint, a finishing point to work toward. It also provides the mental space to focus, as it encourages you to tackle one thing at a time.

Alongside timeboxing, we've added other features designed to help you with areas that you may need further support with.

You will be able to easily personalize and tailor how you use Llama Life to suit your specific needs, and how your brain works.

By using Llama Life, you will:

  • easily create and prioritize your tasks, assigning each task a specific timeframe

  • improve your understanding of how long tasks take

  • drown out other noise distractions with our soundscapes

  • personalize and customize your experience with different emoji and color themes, alarms, timer options and more!

Enough said, let's get to it! 🦙

Start by creating a task and playing around with the features.

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