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Managing recurring tasks and creating lists with our Presets
Managing recurring tasks and creating lists with our Presets

How to easily and quickly create, add, and manage recurring tasks, and lists using Preset Lists

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What are Preset Lists?

We all have tasks that occur often, as well as some that may reoccur now and again - for these tasks, we have added a 'Preset List' feature that will allow you to create, save, and then upload these tasks, rather than having to create new tasks each time.

How to access Preset Lists on desktop and the iOS app

You can access Preset Lists via the tab bar located on the bottom of the app.

Once you've created your Preset List, you will be able to load the entire list, or select individual tasks from the preset list.

Importing templates directly into your Preset Lists

We've created a templates page where you can view and be inspired on how to use Presets! On desktop (coming soon to iOS), you can also directly import a range of templates into your Preset Lists page!

Templates available for import include different productivity methods (Eat the Frog, Pomodoro, Morning routine), work related routines (Manager check-in, meeting agenda) and personal tasks (Grocery shopping, Event planning).

Once on the templates page, click 'Use template' on your chosen template and this will import the template into your Preset Lists!

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