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Using the Overtime featureWhat is the Overtime feature and how do you use it?
Using AlarmsUse and manage sound or visual alarms and chimes on mobile and desktop
Using timersUsing the digital countdown timer or pie timer
Using the Overview (report)How to access and use the Overview
How do I see the start and end time of each task?How to easily see when your tasks start and end
Using keyboard shortcutsUse keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity even further
Using SoundscapesHow to turn Soundscapes on and off whilst working through a task - iOS app and desktop
Using task colors and Color Me themesPersonalize your tasks with individual colors and color themes
Using emojis and Emoji Me themesPersonalize your tasks with emojis and emoji themes (Emoji Me!)
Managing recurring tasks and creating lists with our PresetsHow to easily and quickly create, add, and manage recurring tasks, and lists using Preset Lists
Can I see what time I'll be finishing my tasks?You can see the total list time of all your tasks, as well as the projected end time for completion at the bottom of the main list.
How to use our Random Task featureUsing our Random Task feature to help you start
Using the Auto Start Next Task featureHow to have your tasks start automatically
How to use our 'Emoji Me' featureQuickly and easily use our Emoji Me feature to personalize your to-do list with emoji themes, or, we can match your tasks with emojis!
How to use our 'Break it down' featureUse our 'Break it down' feature to break down your tasks into smaller, more doable chunks
Using the Time DividerMove the Time Divider up and down to change the List and End times
How to use our ChimesUse our Chimes to gently nudge you back to the task at hand!
How do I access Settings?Access Settings by clicking on the cog icon in the tab bar on the bottom of the screen