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I have an integration request/suggestion!
I have an integration request/suggestion!

Let us know if you have an integration idea

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We currently have an integration Todoist, but if you've got other suggestions, please let us know! Email us on

We've had integration suggestions for quite a few other tools, but often, they may not have a public API, which means we can't connect and pull in any of your tasks from there (Like TickTick and Things3).

πŸ’‘ In the meantime, if you need to add multiple tasks in one go:

  • copy and paste the multiple tasks (Eg. go for walk, read book, call Mom)

  • paste into a new task

  • we will pick up that there were multiple tasks pasted in

  • you will then be asked if you want to add a task for each new line, or one task with a long title

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