Todoist integration troubleshooting

Todoist integration troubleshooting

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Having issues with your Todoist integration? We're here to help.

My Todoist preset list has disappeared:

  • Check that the integration is still in place. If not, reconnect

  • If it shows Connected, but the Todoist preset list doesn’t update, then please email us providing your email address

  • We will reset your access and it should be working again

My Todoist preset list is still there, but it's empty!

If there are tasks in Todoist that are due today (as we only sync tasks due today) and you've tried to update your Todoist preset list in Llama Life by pressing Edit, but it's still empty, we'll need to reset your account and all will be right in the world again.

Contact us on and let us know the email address you're using with Llama Life.

My Todoist preset keeps getting stuck on either 'fetching' or 'loading'!

If this is happening, please try:

  • Closing the Llama Life window completely and reopen

  • Set up the Todoist integration again. Go to settings, Todoist integration and follow the steps to set it up again

Once you've done but that it's still not working, please let us know and we'll look ASAP for you!

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