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Article - Loanapp Training Series - Features
Article - Loanapp Training Series - Features

Some Loanapp features that make it easier - Validation Rules, 3rd Party integrations, Comments and Icons

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1. Validation Rules

Loanapp has Lender validation, which tells you what data the Lender requires, rules built into it. When you open an application, you will be able to visually see what data needs to be completed in a few ways:

a) Fields that are mandatory to be completed, will have a red border (eg First Name and Surname below). Those with a neutral border are optional (eg Middle Name below) - the Lender doesn't require the information to process the application, however you can complete it if you prefer.

b) Pages or sections that are not completed or have fields missing can be identified by the red bell symbol. When a section is complete, you will have a green thumbs up symbol.

On each page, Loanapp also displays in the top right corner the complete list of validation rules that remain to be satisfied for that page. You can click on the icon to display the list; and then click on any of the items in the list to be taken to the correct field that needs completing:

The validation rules in this list will disappear as you type in the correct data; and when the page is complete, you will have no messages:

2. Grabbing data from other sources.

We have a few third party sources that we retrieve data from so that you don't have to type it in.

For example, when you are adding in a security property, we have typeahead functionality to automatically detect the correct property for you. This then integrates with CoreLogic and generates a whole lot of information about the property that is inserted into your application:

We also integrate with ABN Lookup when you are adding a company (example, an employer):

We also integrate with ABS for Occupation Codes and Purpose Codes.

3. Understanding Icons

We have a number of icons that are used throughout the application process, such as the red bells and green thumbs up to assist you visually.

For a full list of icons and what they do, please click the following link:


You can add free-text comments to support the data you are entering on a number of pages in Loanapp, wherever you see the Comments button:

When you click on this button, you are presented with a comments popup window where you can add free-text comments relating to that section of the loan application:

Any comments you add will be printed in the corresponding section of the paper application. They will also be sent to the lender electronically upon submission.

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