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How to find inspiration for social media content
How to find inspiration for social media content

Loomly provides five types of post ideas: Custom post ideas, RSS feeds, X/Twitter trends, Loomly Ideas, and Loomly Inspiration.

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Need help to break out of your social media writer's block? Loomly is here to help, with five different sources of inspiration:

  • Custom Post Ideas: Define your own post ideas relative to your brand or audience.

  • RSS Feeds: RSS items from your own custom selection of blogs or other relevant media outlets in your industry

  • X/Twitter Trends: trending topics from X/Twitter in your location

  • Loomly Ideas: events, holidays, and celebrations happening on specific dates

  • Loomly Inspiration: recurring, broad ideas based on best practices

In this article, we'll show you how you can:

1. How to create my own Post Ideas?

You can create Custom Post Ideas from:

Once created, Custom Post Ideas will show up in:

  • Post Ideas View:

  • and of course in Post Builder:

You can make edits to your custom post ideas any time from the Post Ideas tab in Calendar Settings:

2. How to connect an RSS Feed to a Calendar?

RSS is a type of web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. These feeds can, for example, allow a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator.
The RSS feed does not have to be owned by you and can be pulled from other websites.

You can connect RSS feeds to a calendar in the Post Ideas tab of each Calendar Settings page:

You can leverage RSS feeds in one of two ways:

  1. Generate Post Ideas from RSS entries with the RSS Post Ideas option

  2. Automatically generate draft posts for all new RSS entries with the Assistive (Draft Posts) option

📝 Note: Get up to 90 Post Ideas assistive draft posts per month on a 30-day rolling window basis! If there are more than 90 articles in a 30-day time span, please wait until you are below the limit to have additional RSS feed entries imported.

3. How to connect X/Twitter trends to Loomly?

You can set your post ideas preferences in the dedicated Post Ideas tab of Calendar Settings. To activate X/Twitter trends, you will need to select which location you would like Loomly to pull trends from and present as ideas:

Post ideas are presented in a list-style interface in Post Builder:

4. Monitor your online presence with Loomly & Google Alerts

Google Alerts lets you get notified every time a pre-defined keyword gets crawled by one of the search engine’s robots (in other words: every time a keyword appears on a new web page).

This can be a great social listening tool, and is also useful if you want to monitor your brand’s name online, for instance, “Loomly,” or if you are interested in watching industry-specific keywords, such as “social media calendar.”

When creating an alert, if you click on “Show Options” you can decide to receive these Google Alerts over email… or via an RSS feed:

Once the alert is created, you can connect the RSS feed to a calendar in Loomly and, thanks to the RSS Post Ideas setting, every new entry from that feed will be suggested to you as a Post Idea in Post Builder or created as a draft post.

4. How to create Quick Posts with Zapier and Pocket?

You can use Loomly's Zapier integration with Pocket to create Quick Posts in Loomly from items you save in Pocket!

Follow the instructions to set it up here.

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