You can access the calendar's Library from any view via the Browse Library icon in your calendar's toolbar:  

Inside the Library, you can do the following:

  • upload photos & videos, as well as create post templates and notes to be used later when creating new posts;

  • upload stock images directly to the Library using our Unsplash integration;

  • copy the Asset View URL to share the Asset View, which allows you to preview and download the asset, add assets to posts or ads, edit asset's metadata or image, view logs to track asset history, and view asset details, with your collaborators;

  • create slideshows from images inside the Library;

  • edit new and existing files' metadata, for instance, renaming assets per your internal conventions;

  • add Labels and categorize your items in your library: this way, when you create a post from one or multiple items in your library, labels from that/these item(s) is/are automatically applied to your new post. You can easily bulk edit labels if you need to update multiple library items at the same time (Click the "i" next to the photo in your library to edit the photo);

  • add descriptions to each Library Asset, making it easier to identify your assets. When you add a description to a note and create a post from that note, the description is automatically used as the copy of the post (which you can edit as necessary). If you create a post from multiple notes, descriptions will be concatenated to form the copy of the post;

  • apply changes to multiple files with bulk actions, or delete assets you no longer need   

  • filter your assets by labels, types, unused assets, dates added, or dates used, so you can easily find an asset

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 12 17 20 PM

💡 Tip: Apply filters when adding a media file from your library in Post Builder!

Of course, you can select any file — and even multiple files — in your library and create a post from there.

Conversely, you can access your library from Post Builder and simply select a file — or multiple files — on the fly when creating a new post.  

📝 Note: At the moment, the library is only accessible from Loomly's desktop. It is not available on mobile.

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