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How to Upload Media in Post Builder
How to Upload Media in Post Builder
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You can select media files in a few different ways:

Learn more about post formats supported by Loomly and media requirements here.

1. Import from a URL

You can import both photos and videos from a URL when creating a post in Post Builder:

There is no need to download files to your computer and then upload them back to Loomly -- simply click that green button, paste your link in, and voilà!

📝 Note: YouTube does not allow exporting videos from their platform. When importing a video via a URL to Loomly, the link has to finish with a .mp4 or .mov video extension

2. Giphy integration

In Step 3 and 4 of Post Builder, simply browse and select a GIF you would like to add to your post by clicking on the Giphy icon:

We have a Giphy integration, which allows you to add GIFs to your posts directly within Loomly!

📝 Note: When you upload an animated .gif file to Post Builder, if you selected either Facebook or Instagram as channels for your post, your file will automatically be converted to an .mp4 file and get published as a video.

3. Unsplash integration

You can directly search and import photos from Unsplash in Loomly when you create a new post from Post Builder.

Browsing and importing photos from Unsplash is as easy as using your Library:

You can also add Unplash content within your calendar's Library, so you can create slideshow videos and posts from stock images.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 3 18 02 PM

4. Google Drive integration

You can search for and import photos and videos from Google Drive to Loomly in Post Builder.

  1. Click the Google Drive integration

  2. Select Photo or Video
    Note: Up to 10 images or 1 video can be uploaded at a time

  3. Select your Google account

  4. Provide Loomly permissions if requested
    Note: Google requires permissions each hour

  5. Search and select the media files for the post

5. Upload media from your device

You can upload media or drag-and-drop image(s) or a video to easily upload your media files for your posts in Post Builder.

Depending on whether you're uploading an image or a video, you'll simply need to drag the media file over the respective icon. For example, you will drag the image or GIF over the photo icon, then drop it so it uploads automatically. If you're uploading a video, you'll just drag and drop the video file over the video icon.

📝 Note:

  • We do not support drag-and-drop for the Library, but please let us know if you would like to see this supported!

  • You can upload additional videos in the fine-tuning steps if you would like to schedule multiple videos in your stories or Instagram feed posts.

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