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Loomly did not publish my post - what happened?
Loomly did not publish my post - what happened?
Updated over a week ago

There are various reasons why a post may not be published in Loomly. In order to find out what happened, please try these steps first.

1. Make sure your social media accounts are connected to your calendar, and double-check that your connections did not expire — if they did, please click the corresponding "reconnect" button that looks like a circular arrow.

2. Check the time zone of your post. If your calendar is set for a different time zone than the time zone your Account is set, this can cause a discrepancy in posting time. You can find the time zone of your calendar in the Calendar Settings, and you can find your own personal time zone in your Account at the top right. 

3. Verify that your post was actually scheduled (i.e. its status is "Scheduled" and not "Draft," "Pending Approval," or "Approved").

4. Go to the Post View by clicking on the Subject in Calendar View or List View

​ Calendar View: 

List View:

5. Check for error messages from Post View. Loomly will give an error message with the reason the post failed. In some cases, you may need to remove or refresh the connection and try again. Please see here for common causes and solutions for failed posts. 


  • You can use Manage Social Accounts to disconnect, refresh, and connect Social Accounts.

  • You can also view any Social Account requires attention due to failures or expiration from here.

If you are continuing to have issues, and your post is not publishing, please reach us at

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