Boost your posts with Facebook ads
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You can boost posts with Facebook ads directly from Loomly!

Here is how to start using Post Sponsoring, in a given calendar:

  • Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings page and reconnect your Facebook Page:

  • On the next step, select the Ad Account you want to use for Post Sponsoring and renew your connection:

  • Jump to Post Builder to create a new post, as usual make sure to select Facebook as a channel — and go to the fine-tuning panel for Facebook, and click Target Audience and Promote

  • Visit the Post Sponsoring tab, click on Show Sponsoring Options, and define your campaign parameters (budget, timeframe & target audience), click Continue and make sure to confirm you want to promote your post.

  • On Post View, you will now see the details of your Post Sponsoring campaign, right below your post preview:

📝 Note:

  • You may see "All demographics, interests and behaviors" in the Detailed Targeting section in Facebook Ads Manager for your sponsored post. Once you try editing Detailed Targeting, you will see the correct targets listed in this section.

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