How do I shorten a URL?

Check out why you should shorten a URL and how to use Loomly's URL shortener in your posts

Updated over a week ago is the built-in URL shortener of Loomly, your simple social media calendar tool! is a convenient way to make long web addresses into short URLs when you create social media posts in Loomly.

Benefits of Shortening a URL

  • Make your shared URLs more aesthetically pleasing

  • Easier to share shortened URLs (especially if the URL has over 10 characters)

  • Save post space so you can have more content within your posts

  • We can also track and compile metrics on any URLs shortened using (which can be accessed from the Standard Plan and up)

To Shorten a URL

  1. Go to Post Builder 

  2. Confirm the checkbox for Shorten URLs is checked

  3. Enter your post content with the full URL (the URL must begin with "https://www.")

Note: Wait a few seconds, then you will see the URL updated to the shortened URL!

How to Enable or Disable the URL Shortener in a Calendar

  1. Confirm you are in the Options tab 

  2. Enable or Disable the URL Shortener

  3. Save

📝 Note: This is a calendar setting so this must be completed for each calendar where you would like to enable/ disable the URL shortener

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