Loomly offers two types of analytics: Advanced Analytics & Basic Analytics.

Advanced Analytics provides data related to account, post, and URL metrics:

  • Account-level statistics include your total number of page likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram:
  • Post engagement metrics, including reach, impressions & engagement rate
  • With Advanced Analytics, you can also filter data by dates and compare two periods of time to measure your growth:
  • You can also filter posts by labels:
  • Last but not least, Advanced Analytics allows you to view data for all your posts, not only those published via Loomly.  

Our Advanced Analytics feature is available from the Standard Plan and up, as it is quite an advanced system that requires a lot of server and bandwidth resources on our side. 

To unlock advanced analytics, you will need to have at least 5 published posts in your calendars and then enable advanced analytics from the advanced analytics view for each of your calendars:    

Basic Analytics is available for the Base plan from the Post View:

Basic Analytics provide the latest values for essential engagement metrics from posts published with Loomly. 

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