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What kind of analytics does Loomly offer?
What kind of analytics does Loomly offer?

Advanced Analytics & reporting. You can also download these reports as a CSV or PDF.

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Loomly's Analytics allow you to measure post performance in real time. Loomly provides analytics data for all your posts, not only your posts published via Loomly.

You can use these performance insights to identify which topics and content formats your audience is most interested in, then use this information to enhance your social media content planning process.

While we offer basic analytics on every plan including the Base Plan, we also offer more Advanced Analytics for those on the Standard Plan and above.

Keep reading on to learn more what you can expect and the differences between Basic and Advanced Analytics in Loomly!

Accessing Analytics

Analytics are available on every plan in Loomly and you can access your Analytics dashboard by navigating to Analytics in the toolbar of your calendar:

Loomly Advanced Analytics View

Alternatively, you can also view individual post metrics in the Post View:


The Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics dashboard is separated into tabs by each social media platform as well as a general Account Overview.

Data provided in the Loomly Account Overview table shows aggregated metrics from all of your connected social media platforms based on the date range that you selected.

  • View all click counts, sources, & locations:

When you navigate into each social media platform tab, you'll be able to see:

  • Account-level statistics, such as your total number of Page Likes on Facebook and Followers on Instagram. Note that you can access even more Account Overview Metrics with Advanced Analytics.

If you navigate into Facebook, you'll be able to see:

  • Post metrics, including reach, reactions, engagement rate, etc.

For Instagram, you'll have access to:

  • Instagram story metrics, including reach, impressions, exits, as well as taps back and forward. Learn more about what you can expect here.

You can easily filter the date range in your Analytics dashboard. Note: if you want more custom filtering options like comparing across date ranges, then you'll need access to Advanced Analytics.

All of the data included in the Analytics dashboard on the Base plan are fairly high level overviews, so if you're interested in more granular and detailed data, then read on to learn more about what's available through our Advanced Analytics.

What's included in Advanced Analytics?

Advanced Analytics is available on the Standard Plan and above.

To unlock Advanced Analytics, you will need to have at least 5 scheduled or published posts in your calendars. Then you can enable Advanced Analytics from the Analytics view for each of your calendars.

Advanced Analytics includes:

  • Additional in-depth account-level statistics:

  • More flexibility in the filtering options including:

    • Filtering the Post Metrics tables by Post Label.

    • Selecting a date range for comparison purposes on the account level.

    • Filtering posts by Labels if you would like to see how a specific campaign performed within a given date range.

  • Easily export content:

    • You can export Advanced Analytics as a PDF or an Excel CSV file. This feature is most useful for teams who want more flexibility in how they collaborate on data and reporting out to clients or external teams in meetings.

  • With the Advanced Plan and up, you can use Scheduled Reports to create a recurring schedule to to automate sending PDF exports.

To learn more about what you can expect from Loomly Analytics, watch the Analytics Flash Webinar here!

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