Can I customize my Plan?

I need one extra social account or user or a specific feature only offered in another plan.

Updated this week

Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize the plan unless you require an Enterprise Plan with 30+ users or 51+ social accounts. Therefore, you must stay within your plan's limits and only access the features as it is listed on our pricing page

Do you offer custom Enterprise Plans?

Yes: if you are looking for a custom Enterprise Plan, please send us a quote here and we will come up with a tailored solution for your team.

Can I pay for an extra user seat? Can I pay for an extra social account connection?

If you require one more user seat or social account connection and you are currently at your plan's limit, then you will need to upgrade to our next tier plan. We are unable to change the number of users and social accounts for our tiered plans. 

Can I pay extra for a feature add-on? 

We are unable to change the features for plans or charge for "add-on" features. Please upgrade to the plan that offers the feature you require in order to access that feature.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about pricing. 

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