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Everything you need to know about the Enterprise Plan
Everything you need to know about the Enterprise Plan

Learn more about Loomly's customizable plan: the Enterprise Plan

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The Enterprise Plan in a nutshell

The Enterprise Plan is Loomly's customizable plan, ideal for larger companies with multiple teams and markets.

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What is included in the Enterprise Plan?

It includes everything in the Premium Plan, plus:

✅ 30+ users or 51+ social accounts

✅ Dedicated Account Manager

✅ Wire transfers

Watch the Enterprise Plan overview here:

How to make the most of the Enterprise Plan?

Not only can you create tailor-made sets of permissions for each of your team members with Custom Roles, but you can also automate your collaboration team workflow with Custom Workflows.

It also includes an incredibly powerful feature, Custom Branding:

Last but not least, you'll have a dedicated Account Manager which will help you onboard your entire team and answer any questions or requests you may have.

How much does the Enterprise Plan cost?

The Enterprise Plan is tailored to your needs when you exceed the limits of the Premium Plan and can be revised as you grow!

Loomly offers monthly and yearly billing options, so you can choose what's best for you!

The monthly plan is charged every month, so you are only committing to the month you just paid and can drop out anytime! This is the most flexible option.

The yearly price is charged upfront and comes with a 12-month commitment to our services: as a reward for your commitment, you receive a 25% discount compared to the monthly price.

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