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Learn how you can publish from Loomly to Tumblr

Updated over a week ago

We have an integration with Zapier, which will allow you to connect Tumblr to Loomly. Setting up a Zap between Loomly and Tumblr will allow you to publish photo or text-only posts to your Tumblr. 

To create a Zap from Loomly to Tumblr: 

Zap Trigger: Loomly Setup

1. Go to the Zapier Dashboard, then click on Create Zap.
2. Name your Zap (for instance, Loomly to Tumblr publishing), then search for Loomly in the list of available apps and select Loomly.

3. Select Post Publish Required as the Trigger Event:

4. Click Continue.
5. Sign in with your Loomly account.

6. Click on Authorize and then Continue (step available only if you have not authorized Zapier for Loomly).

7. Select the calendar from which you want to publish to Tumblr.

📝 IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to create one Zap for each calendar / Tumblr account to which you want to publish.

8. Select a social channel as the Provider, then click Continue.

Note: For example, select Facebook if you would like to publish to Facebook directly and also Tumblr through Zapier. Otherwise, you can dedicate a Custom Channel or one of our supported channels, that does not have an account connection in your calendar just for Tumblr posts.

9. Click Test Trigger to make sure everything is set up and working properly.

10. Click Continue.

Zap Action: Create Photo Post in Tumblr

1. Search for Tumblr and Select it for App event.

2. Select Create Photo Post for Choose Action Event, then click Continue .

Note: If you only would like to publish text only from Loomly to Tumblr, please select Create Text Post for Choose Action Event.

3. Choose the Tumblr account that you want to publish to, then Continue. Please accept all permissions after signing in to Tumblr from Zapier.

4. For the Customize Photo Post section, complete the following: 

  • In the Blog field, choose the Tumblr blog where you want to publish.

  • In the Photo field, select the '1. Publish Photo URL https://cdn.loomly...' option. 

  • In the Caption field, select the '1.Publish Copy Sample Copy to https://www.loomly... ' option.

  • In the State field, select Published.

Note: You can select Draft, Queue, or Private if you do not want the posts directly published to your Tumblr blog.

📝 Note: If you select Create Text Post in Step 2 for Zap Action: Tumblr, then the skip the Photo field and Caption field as the Create Text Post does not offer these fields. Instead, select 1.Publish Copy Sample Copy to https://www.loomly... for the Body field. 

5. Click on Continue, then Skip Test.

6. Turn on clicking Publish Zap, then click Publish & Turn On.

To publish a post from Loomly to Tumblr: 

  1. Go to the calendar that was selected for your new Zap.

  2. Create a new post in Loomly's Post Builder.

  3. In Step 2: Select Social Channels, please do not forget to select the channel that is linked to your new Zap.

  4. If a Tumblr photo post action zap was created, add text for the body for your Tumblr post caption, and add an image for your post.
    If a Tumblr text post action zap was created, add text  to the body for your Tumblr post.

  5. Schedule the post.

📝 Note: You may receive a notification from Loomly that the channel is not connected, but that notification can be ignored as the Zap created a connection to Tumblr.

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