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What can I do from List View?
What can I do from List View?
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Here is a list of actions you can take from List View:

  • Quick Navigate from one month to another

  • Filter posts by date, format, channel, media, status & assignees

  • View copy variations for each social media channel

  • Assign user(s) to a post

  • Change the status of a post

  • Leave a comment for collaborators on a post

  • Delete a post

  • Duplicate a post

  • Apply bulk actions to multiple posts; bulk actions include the following:

  1. Update Assignment

  2. Update Status

  3. Delete posts

💡 Tip:

  • You can select a Default View (List or Calendar) on each calendar in Calendar Settings and for All Calendars in Settings.

  • Feel free to check out the Flash Webinar about Content Views here.

Why Is "No Media" displayed in List View when I uploaded media?

List View will initially display generic content, so the "Media" column will only display a generic image for the post if added in Step 3: Define Generic Content.

If you did not upload an image in Set Post Details and uploaded the image in Fine-tune Each Channel, then we will display No Media for that post.

Post without media files in Generic Content:

Post with media file in Fine-tuned Content:

You can always upload the image again in Set Post Details if you prefer to have the image displayed in List View.

You can learn more about the difference between Generic Content and Fine-Tuned Content in this article.

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