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What can I do from List View?
What can I do from List View?
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Here is a list of actions you can take from List View:

  • Quick Navigate from one month to another

  • Filter posts by date, format, channel, media, status & assignees

  • View copy variations for each social media channel

  • Assign user(s) to a post

  • Change the status of a post

  • Leave a comment for collaborators on a post

  • Delete a post

  • Duplicate a post

  • Apply bulk actions to multiple posts; bulk actions include the following:

  1. Update Assignment

  2. Update Status

  3. Delete posts

💡 Tip:

  • You can select a Default View (List or Calendar) on each calendar in Calendar Settings and for All Calendars in Settings.

  • Feel free to check out the Flash Webinar about Content Views here.

Why Is "No Media" displayed in List View when I uploaded media?

List View will initially display generic content, so the "Media" column will only display a generic image for the post if added in Step 3: Define Generic Content.

If you did not upload an image in Step 3 and uploaded the image in Step 4, then we will display No Media for that post.

Post without media files in Generic Content:

Post with media file in Fine-tuned Content:

You can always upload the image again in Step 3 if you prefer to have the image displayed in List View.

You can learn more about the difference between Generic Content and Fine-Tuned Content in this article, and do not hesitate to watch his webinar here about Generic and Fine-Tuning Content.

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