Snapchat and Loomly Overview

Learn more about Loomly's integration with Snapchat

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In this article, we'll review:

1. How to connect to my Snapchat account

To connect your Snapchat account to Loomly:

  • Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings page, and connect your Snapchat account by clicking on the green Connect button for Snapchat:

📝 Note:

Loomly was created on a calendar basis. In each calendar, you can connect one account per social media platform. So if you need to connect two Snapchat accounts, for example, you will currently have to create two calendars.

You can also easily create a post that will be cloned on multiple calendars. You will also be able to access all posts from All Calendars.

2. How to publish to Snapchat using reminders?

To publish to Snapchat, you can use Loomly's push notifications.

When it's time to publish to Snapchat, Loomly will send you a push notification reminder to your phone:

Note: You can also choose to receive emails, Slack & Microsoft Teams notifications.

When you click on the notification, it will take you to the post within Loomly's app, where you will need to click Publish to Snapchat:

From there, the Snapchat app will open, and you will need to publish the post manually just as you would if you were publishing from Snapchat itself.

The video or image will be pre-loaded with the text of the post. You can then add stickers, adjust the text, and publish the post to Snapchat as you normally would.

You can download our app to create and manage your posts or to receive push notifications on your mobile phone:

3. Snapchat supported media types and size limits





.jpg, .png

10 MB


1,080 x 1,920 pixels


.mp4, .mov

10MB up to 1 minute in length

Pro Tip: You can crop and edit your images and videos using Loomly Studio.

4. Snapchat features

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