Post creation best practices

Learn how to create, schedule, edit, queue, duplicate and delete posts.

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Loomly does not put a cap or restriction on the number of posts you create or schedule, so please feel free to create as many posts as you would like to schedule through our platform!

We also do not have a time limit, meaning you can also schedule posts as far in advance as you would like.

In this article, you'll learn:

1. How can I create a post?

Loomly allows you to create a new post in several different ways:

  • From your Dashboard and inside your calendars, you can create a new post by clicking on the green "New Post" button from your toolbar:

  • In Calendar View, you can create a post by clicking on the "Add Post" button that appears when you hover over a particular day cell:

  • You can also add Quick Posts, from Calendar View, which serve as placeholders inside your calendars, and allow you to save dates without creating a full post:

  • In the Library, you can either create a post from one or multiple content items, or you can create a post template, to be used later when creating new posts. To learn more about post templates, please check out this article

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a post, check our video below:

📝 Note: Once you've defined the generic copy and media assets (which applies by default to all your channels), you can fine-tune the date, time and content of your post for each social media channel. You can learn about it here.

2. How can I edit a post?

Loomly allows you to edit a post in several different ways:

  • From List View of your calendar, by clicking on the Edit Post icon:

  • From Post View, by clicking on Edit on the top right of the post:

  • From Calendar View by going to the corresponding post and clicking three dots, then selecting "Edit"

Can I edit a published post?

Once a post has been published, you can only edit a post's Subject and Labels. This can be done in the Post View.

We know how important it is for customers to be able to make copy updates and fix typos. So to make any other changes to a published post, please edit the post directly in the native social media platform.

📝 Note: If you want to republish a post to another social media channel or to the same social media channel at a later date, you can duplicate your published post, then make any necessary revisions before scheduling and sending the updated post.

3. Can you queue posts in Loomly?

Absolutely! You are able to set your preferred publishing schedule and save time when creating new posts in Post Builder.

You can set up Scheduling Slots by going to Calendar Settings > Slots and setting up your preferred publishing days and times:

When creating a post these slots will be pre-populated in Step 1 of Post Builder. You can also select another slot, or pick a custom date and time:

4. Can I duplicate a post?

The duplicate post feature allows you to clone any post in Loomly and republish it, either exactly as is, or by tweaking it to your liking. The duplicate post feature is available from the last column of List View:

Or, directly from Calendar View, by going into the corresponding post and clicking on the three dots:

Alternatively, you can duplicate a post from the top right of Post View.

📝 Note: You can clone a post to multiple calendars when creating a post that you would like published to multiple calendars.

5. How do I create posts to multiple calendars at once?

Rather than duplicating posts from one calendar to another, you can now create posts to multiple calendars. This will allow you to schedule to posts to multiple calendars at once!

To create a new post to multiple calendars:

  • Go to Post Builder for any given calendar

  • Go to Step 2: Select Your Social Channels, then select the social channels

  • Click the calendar icon on the far right

  • Select the calendars you would like to create a post to

  • Press Enter, or click on Select Calendars

  • Then continue creating your post like you normally would!

  • Once the post has been saved as a draft, scheduled, pending approval, or published now, you can confirm it was successfully created for the respective calendars where the post was cloned.

📝 Note: The post will need to be duplicated if you do not see this icon as we are unable to clone a post if it was previously created or saved.

6. How can I delete a post?

Loomly allows you to delete a Loomly post in several different ways:

  • From List View of your calendar, by clicking on the trash icon:

  • From List View of your calendar, you can select multiple posts and apply the Delete bulk action

  • From Post View of that post by clicking on the dropdown on the top right of the post:

  • From Calendar View by going to the corresponding post and clicking the three dots and selecting "Delete":

📝 Note:

  • Deleting a published post from Loomly does not delete the post on the social media platform. You will need to delete the post natively in the social media platform if the post has been published.

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