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How to Set Up Custom Channels in Loomly
How to Set Up Custom Channels in Loomly

Learn how you can connect Custom Channels to your calendar with Zapier or manual publishing.

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You can now have one Custom Channel per calendar, so you can create content and collaborate for any channels that are not natively supported in Loomly.

Examples of Custom Channels you can connect to Loomly include:

  • A distinct social channel, such as Tumblr, Reddit, VK, WeChat, Sina Weibo, Wordpress, etc.

  • A standalone online channel, such as a newsletter or a media publication.

  • An offline channel, such as a print magazine.

Please note that the post will need to be manually published to your channel with the help of reminders.

Activating Custom Channel in a calendar will count as one social account towards the limit of your Loomly subscription.

To activate a Custom Channel for a calendar:

1. Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings for the calendar you would like to activate this feature

2. Click Activate for the Custom Channel

3. Click Activate again to confirm

To create content for a Custom Channel:

1. Go to Post Builder.
2. In Step 2 of Post Builder, select the Custom Channel icon.

3. Name your Custom Channel for the channel you are creating content (e.g. Newsletter, Blog, etc).

📝 Note: You will be able to name your Custom Channel each time you create a post, so you can create content for multiple custom channels on separate Loomly posts.

4. Create your post as you normally would, then fine-tune the content for your Custom Channel if you would like.

5. Schedule your post.

6. When your post is ready to be published at your scheduled time, you will receive an email reminder to manually publish your post for your Custom Channel.

7. Once the post has been published, select "Mark as Published" for your custom channel.

💡 Tip: Custom Channel is compatible with Zapier. If there is a Zapier integration for the platform in question, it may allow you to automate content publishing through Zapier.

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