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How to Troubleshoot Common Google Business Profile Errors
How to Troubleshoot Common Google Business Profile Errors

Google Business Profile and Google My Business errors, best practices, and how to reconnect your Google account.

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In this article, we'll help you troubleshoot common errors you might run into with your Google account in Loomly:

1. Troubleshooting and best practices

We do not see access tokens expiring for Google Business Profile, but there might be an instance where your access tokens expire, requiring you to reconnect.

We recommend troubleshooting soon after you receive a notification about a failed post to resolve the problem immediately after and to prevent other scheduled posts from failing.

You can also check these articles which should help you troubleshoot:

We often recommend reconnecting your accounts after any of these instances occur.

2. Google Business Profile common errors

Request contains an invalid argument

This error occurs when the title of your post exceeds the character limit enforced by Google Business Profile (the title of your post must be under 58 characters):

Creating/Updating a local post is not authorized for this location

This error occurs if one of the following:

  • Your location is no longer verified and must be reverified

  • You have connected to a location that is considered part of a chain if it has 10 or more listings for the business or brand

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 3 57 02 PM

Error: the server responded with status 400

Your image needs to be at least 250px x 250px without any metadata for the post to publish successfully.

Please update the image included in your post to be larger than 250px x 250px and remove any image metadata. Try publishing it again with the "Update Post & Reschedule" feature: Reschedule your post now!

Additional photo urls multiframe images not supported.

This error occurs due to the image size and also when there is EXIF metadata on your image. To remove EXIF metadata, you can follow these steps before publishing again:

  • Click the image

  • Select Crop & Edit Image from the dropdown options

  • Save the image (note: there are no edits you will need to make)

3. How to reconnect your Google account

Go to your Calendar Settings > Social Accounts and disconnect your Google Business Profile by hitting the red X?

Once you do that, you will be prompted to log in again to Google Business Profile, and this should reset the connection.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • You can use Manage Social Accounts to disconnect, refresh, and connect Social Accounts.

  • You can also view any Social Account requires attention due to failures or expiration from here.

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