In this article, we'll help you troubleshoot common errors you might run into with your Facebook account in Loomly:

  1. Troubleshooting and best practices

  2. The Facebook page I want to connect to Loomly is not available - what can I do?

  3. Facebook common errors

  4. Reconnect & Revoke access

1. Troubleshooting and best practices

For Loomly to access your social accounts, it requires access tokens which authorizes Loomly to publish on your behalf. Access tokens are provided by the social media network when you connect your account through an industry-standard process called OAuth

These access tokens might expire for several reasons:

  • Updated social account credentials

  • Explicit lifespans of an access token. Loomly notifies you 7 days in advance when access tokens are about to expire.

  • Loomly losing permissions to publish such as revoked permission settings or connected profile no longer has Admin access

  • Social media platform updates

This is why you might have to reconnect your social accounts from time to time.

For Facebook, we recommend reconnecting accounts every year as access tokens will expire after a year. On the other hand, access tokens can become invalidated for the reasons listed above, so we recommend reconnecting your accounts if there are any changes made to your Facebook account.

2. Facebook common errors

Error code: 200 – Could not share post

This issue arises when your post includes a link to a Facebook Event. This is a bug, not specific to Loomly, which has been reported in this bug report and is pending resolution.

Error code: 389 – Unable to fetch video file from URL

This issue occurs when your connection between Facebook and Loomly has expired. You need to reconnect your Facebook account to Loomly to resolve the issue.

Error code: 100 – Failed boosted post (HTTP 400)

The audience selected is too small (less than 20 people would have been targeted) and the ad cannot run. Simply remove some targeting parameters to have a slightly wider audience and everything should work perfectly 😊

Error code: HTTP 502 failed with error

Unfortunately, this is an error coming from Facebook. You should be able to try publishing the post again using the "Update Post & Reschedule" feature.

Error code: 200 - Requires either publish to groups permission and app being installed in the group, or manage pages and publish pages as an admin with sufficient administrative permission

This issue occurs when you are trying to publish to a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group and:

  • You do not have the admin rights;

  • All the permissions were not accepted;

If you are the Admin of the Facebook Page or Facebook Group, please reconnect your account to Loomly and make sure you accept all the permissions.

Error code: 190 – Error validating access token HTTP 400

This issue occurs when Loomly no longer has access to your Facebook account. You need to reconnect your Facebook account to Loomly to resolve the issue.

Error code: 190 – HTTP 408

This issue is generally due to temporary connectivity issues (408 means a timeout occurred). First, you need to reconnect your account as Loomly may not have access to it anymore., and reschedule your post.

Error code: 190 – The user must be an administrator, editor, or moderator of the page in order to impersonate it HTTP 400

This issue occurs if the Facebook profile used to connect the Facebook page is no longer an admin or the Facebook page requires Two Factor Authentication. If your personal profile is listed as an admin for the Facebook page in question, please reconnect your Facebook account, then reschedule your post.

Error code: 200 – Subject does not have permission to post photos on this page HTTP 403

This issue generally occurs due to Loomly's permissions or your role within the page.

  1. Confirm that your profile is still listed as the Admin for the page

  2. Confirm that Loomly has full permissions on Facebook

  3. Revoke Loomly's access, then provide Loomly with full permissions

Error: An unknown error has occurred

Usually, this is usually a temporary error where we are unable to confirm if the post was published. We would recommend checking the account to see if the post was successfully published. If it was, you can mark the post as published within Loomly.

If it did not publish, please Update Post and Reschedule to try again.

3. Reconnect & Revoke access

To Reconnect your Facebook account

Go to your Calendar Settings > Social Accounts and disconnect your Facebook account by hitting the red X

Once you do that, you will be prompted to log in again to Facebook, and this should reset the connection.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • You can use Manage Social Accounts to disconnect, refresh, and connect Social Accounts.

  • You can also view any Social Account requires attention due to failures or expiration from here.

To Revoke access from Facebook

  • Return to the Social Accounts tab of your calendar Settings page in Loomly, and remove your Facebook connections by clicking the red 'x' then reconnect your Facebook account to Loomly with the green CONNECT button

  • A new Facebook window will pop up, prompting you to grant permissions to Loomly. Accept all permissions asked by Facebook, including those related to your Profile (this is necessary since Loomly access Pages through your Profile, as mentioned earlier).

  • You will be taken back to Loomly, on the page where you can select which Facebook Page you want to connect your calendar to, with the dropdown menu: Select your Page

📝 Notes:

  • You will need to refresh connections to Facebook and Instagram accounts for each calendar as this will disconnect the connections all calendars you have connected.

  • You can complete reconnecting for all Facebook and all Instagram connections for each calendar from the hyperlinks provided.

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