Getting Started with Marathon Kids

Learn quick information to get your account and club set up!

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General FAQs

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The Pillars of the Program

Keys steps in the program to help establish sticky habits for your participants.

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Implementation Styles

Customize the program to meet your needs.

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Participants are sorted by classes.

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Participants will earn miles by running or walking laps and/or completing minutes of heart-pumping physical activity.

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A supporter is someone you invite to help manage and support your program like co-workers and volunteers.

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There are three ways a participant can earn miles; add manually, scan ID cards, and parents submit miles from home. Mileage is assigned to Tracks, Activities, or At Home (submissions from parents)..

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Scanner App

The Scanner App works with the participant ID cards and your Tracks/Activities that you've set to give credit to each participant for their effort.

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Data and Reports

Use the data and reports to keep your participants motivated, build community around physical activity, and to support your program.

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Marathon Kids offers a library of lessons, games, activities, certificates, and more to help you keep kids active and motivated!

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Incentives and coach gear can be found in our Store.

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Parents: Everything you need to know.

Wondering how your parent account works or have questions about the program? We've got you covered.

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