At Marshmallow we want to offer everyone a better deal on their car insurance!  But, there are some circumstances when we can’t offer cover. 

We look at a range of factors such as your driving history, your car, and where you live. 

There are some cars, jobs and locations we aren’t able to cover right now.  (If this is you, we’re really sorry.)  We’re working on it.  In the future we hope to be able to cover pretty much everyone.

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As a new insurer, we want to give everyone a better price for their car insurance.  To do this, we work with several partners, agreeing when we can and can’t offer cover.  Here is a list of circumstances when we won’t be able to offer cover

  • Some cars
  • We can’t cover cars that are too cheap (<£300), 
  • We can’t cover cars that are too expensive (>£75k)
  • We can’t cover some classes of cars
  • We can’t cover vehicles with modifications
  • For some more expensive cars, we need an active tracker fitted
  • Some drivers
  • We can’t cover people that don’t live in the UK
  • We can’t cover really younger drivers.  (<21)
  • We can’ cover older drivers.  (>75)
  • We can’t cover people that drive A LOT.  (>25k miles / year).   
  • We can’t cover people that use their car for work
  • We can’t cover drivers with a poor claims history
  • We can’t cover drivers with certain medical conditions
  • We can’t cover drivers with motoring or non-motoring convictions
  • We can’t cover drivers that don’t have either a Provisional/Full UK, Full EU, Full European (Non EU) or Full International driving licence
  • Some locations
  • We can’t cover some parts of the UK.
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