How to verify your identity, a step-by-step guide

  1. Open your ID Check link
    After we process your payment, we will send your phone a text message with a link to do the ID Check. Click on the link and you’ll be redirected to our ID verification platform, powered by Onfido.

    Please contact us if you have not received your text message.

  2. Make sure your name is correct
    On the welcome page, make your full legal name has the right spelling. Then, press “Save and continue”.

  3. Upload your ID document and selfie
    First you will need to upload an ID document. You can upload a photo of your passport or your driving licence.

    If you are uploading your driving license, click 'Change document' and select 'Driving Licence'. Make sure you upload a photo of the front and a photo of the back of your driving licence.

  • Make sure your photos are clear and easy to read

  • Make sure all four corners of the document are in the photo

  • Scans will not be accepted, please upload or take a new photo of your ID document

    Then, you will need to upload a selfie,  a photo of yourself, taken by you, head-on.

  • Edited selfies or selfies with filters will not be accepted

  • Make sure you’re not wearing eyewear or anything that covers your face

  • Photos taken over 24 hours ago or by someone else will not be accepted


You’ll be able to take a last look and make final changes, re-take or re-upload any photos before submitting everything for verification. When you're ready, click “Submit verification”. A final screen will confirm your secure submission.

Just wait for a text to confirm whether your ID Check passed.

Please note that you won't be able to drive until after you've passed your ID Check.

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