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How to Finalize and Pay Out a Tournament
How to Finalize and Pay Out a Tournament
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All platform Partners are advised to review their contribution screen prior to taking any finalization steps and screen for suspicious donations. As a reminder: Codes can be used once per person, per event and Sponsor Quests™ can be used once per person, per action. Any attempts to circumvent the restrictions are fraud and program policy is to hold Partners liable for the actions of their community.

Fraud tied to a Partnered account is grounds for immediate termination from the program and a permanent ban on the organizer account.

If you see suspicious donations on your event notify your Partnership representative and they can look at the transactions in greater detail and determine if anything has occurred. Your representative will be able to help resolve the issue.

  1. Go to your tournament page, enter the Admin panel, and click on the “Prize Pool” tab

2. Click on the blue box to begin to setup your payout options

3.  Add a title to your payout (i.e. ‘First Place) and determine the payout parameters - an event can pay out out a set dollar amount OR a set percentage of the prize pool. Each of these settings have different uses, and that's why you're allowed to also adjust who gets a share of the prize.  "Split across winners" is good for paying even shares of a prize to members of a team, whereas "For each winner" is most easily used to pay specific winners their specific cut.

Note: If you want to do a mixed payout (a fixed amount in addition to percentage splits), all fixed amounts will pay out first and any percentages will be based on the remainder of the prize pool. 

4. You will see your prize pool payout added to a list on the same screen: 

5. Repeat this step until you use 100% of your prize pool.  (But remember, if you do not distribute your entire prize pool, you will see errors when you try to finalize the event).

This same list without the add/edit button will be viewable from the public “Payouts” tab.

***SPECIAL NOTE***  Tournament Organizers are not allowed to pay themselves out of their prize pool without first getting a waiver from Matcherino staff. Paying yourself out of your prize pool without a waiver can be grounds for immediate removal from the partnership program and the platform. When in doubt, ASK!

6. Once your event is complete, assigning winners and paying out your event is simple! First, make sure all of your winners have their Matcherino account included in your player pool (as an admin you can add these players manually through the “Player Pool” option in the Admin tab). 

If a winner doesn't have a Matcherino account, you can create a temporary account for them via their email address. Instructions on how how to claim their account and their prize will be emailed out to the player automatically. If a mistake is made inputting the email address this can always be edited in your Participant page and a new email will go out to the corrected address.

7. Click on the prize you want to pay out, it will highlight and update the box

8. Select which player won this prize tier and click add

This will again automatically populate a list on your screen:

Don’t forget that a player can only be listed once as a prize pool winner. 

9. Repeat the above process until all of your prizes (1st / 2nd / 3rd and so on) have been assigned and go to the “Actions” tab in the Admin menu.

10. Please note, that if you're a partner who has used a custom URL you will need to delete your custom selection before an event is finalized. As of this time, finalizing an event will lock in a URL and not allow it to be re-used. 

11. Click the red Payout button to finalize your prize pool. This button will end your event and lock out future actions in the Admin panel, so make sure that everything is correct.

12. You will see a public notice in the top left corner of your tournament’s main page stating that everything is final:

13. Celebrate.  You did it! Now, don't hesitate to contact Matcherino staff to setup your next event! If your players have any questions about cashing out their winnings, you can link them to our handy Guide to Cashing Out!

Side note:  My payout example might well be simpler than your real-life circumstances. If you anticipate a massive prize pool, you may want to include different breakdowns for your prize pool depending on different monetary incentives. For example, if your event hits $500, you can go from paying 1st/2nd/3rd to paying the top 5.

A note on fees: Matcherino collects a 4% fee (and all Paypal/Bank fees are deducted) when a user cashes their wallet out to paypal or check. 

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