Finding Valuables
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Will residents have a chance to sort through the debris to look for any valuables?

Residents are being permitted to re-enter areas to see their properties, but ‘sifting’ is restricted due to safety considerations with the ash and the dust this may generate. USACE is meeting with individual landowners before debris removal on their properties, and the residents have the opportunity to request “eyes open” for certain valuables. Residents can take actions to minimize their exposure to contaminants in ash and dust including avoiding disruption of ash and wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment) when in impacted areas. In addition, for people near the impacted areas, keeping surfaces clean of dust and ash and frequent handwashing will greatly reduce potential exposure, according to the Hawai’i DOH.

What if the contractor discovers valuables like money or a safe?

If the contractor discovers valuables, they should preserve them so we can return them to the property owner. Additionally, we will have quality assurance personnel onsite to monitor these situations and make positive contact with the property owner.

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