What will be removed and what will be left?
Updated over a week ago

Ash and debris will be removed from all impacted areas including public, residential and commercial areas.

  • Foundations - Yes. Unfortunately, foundations will be removed. Due to the high heat of the fire, most foundations are structurally compromised, and cannot safely be rebuilt upon. Because of this, the debris removal program will be removing foundations as a part of the cleanup.

  • Structural walls are eligible for removal, landscape walls not eligible. Structural walls are not removed if a structural engineer assessment shows they are sound.

  • Vehicles/vessels, titled property. Titled property will be adjudicated and recycled.

  • Driveways/Pathways - Generally not eligible unless within the ash footprint and will be cut at the point of being out of the ash footprint.

  • Swimming Pools – Pools will be drained of ash and roped off in accordance with OSHA standards.

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