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Getting Started Guide

Tutorial Video and step by step guide for new Maxanet clients

Account Setup: Domain DNS, Email Verification, and Wordpress Website

Details & instructions about setting up your Maxanet account - DNS, email, Wordpress

Auctions: Add/Edit Auctions

How to add or edit an auction, how to setup bidding increment schedules

Inventory & Photos

Adding new inventory items & uploading photos

Mobile App

Maxanet Mobile App for inventory creation & photo taking/uploading

Managing/Administering the Auction

Tools and features available to the admin to manage a current auction

Text Message Outbid Notifications

Optional paid feature for bidders to receive outbid notifications via text message

Buy it Now & Make an Offer

Create items with BuyNow prices and/or Make an Offer feature

Invoicing & Ending the Auction

Invoicing & Payments for Winning Bidders

Consignors & Settlement Reports

Information on creating a new Consignor, assigning inventory items to a Consignor, and Settlement reports

Fees, Taxes, Commissions

Buyers Premium, Sales Tax, Buyers Fees, Seller Fees, Seller Commissions, Sliding Scale

Bidder Management

Automatic registration, Credit Card required, Tax Exempt Status, Enable/disable bidding privileges, reset passwords, generate one-time password


Global Fees, Public Page Configuration, Invoice Configuration, Settlement Configuration, Email Templates, Bidder Registration Configuration

Roles & Permissions

Adding new users / administrators to your system

Contacts - Bulk Email Sender

Send emails to your Users through your Maxanet Admin panel

Affiliate Sellers / Master>Partner account relationship

Optional enhancement for expanding your business


Help docs regarding MaxanetPay - the gateway for processing credit card transactions

Reports & Downloads

List of different reports that can be downloaded in the Admin panel

Public Auction Pages

Features for both Bidders & Consignors

Social Media Sharing

How to share auctions and items on social media channels

Marketing Your Auction / Resources

Tips and Resources to assist in marketing your auction

Release Notes

We are constantly updating the Maxanet program. Here you will find a list of release notes with brief descriptions on recent system updates.


Go over current and new features of the Maxanet program