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Run and view calculations
Run and view calculations
How to create your monthly recharges
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Once you've connected your entities and created your recharge rules, you're ready to start running calculations.

Head over to the Calculations page using the left hand side menu. Click New, and then select the month you’d like to calculate your recharges for, and then press save

It could take a short time for our system to generate the calculations, so please be patient!

Reviewing a Calculation

Once it's ready, you'll be taken to a page like this where you can review and adjust the calculation:

The tabs on the left let you see how Recharger has applied rules to your Expense and Revenue transactions. Within each page, you can choose at the top whether to group transactions by the Recharge Rule applied to them, or by their Account Code.

If you expand one of the transaction groups, you can see which transactions are within it, and how those transactions are being recharged to other entities in your group:

Using the drop-down menu, you can manually override the rule Recharger has applied automatically. This can be useful if the rules are too broad, or if you have some one-off transactions for instance.

If you want any more information on a transaction, you can click the deep link which will take you back to Xero for a closer look.

Tip: if you need to revise the way rules have operated then you can adjust them from the Group page. This way you don’t have to manually adjust the associated transactions, and the recharging process will get faster and faster each month until it takes seconds.

Choosing a new rule will move the transaction, automatically re-calculate, and show you a small notice by it so you know why it's been moved:

Generating Recharges

Once you're happy with the transactions, you can get the recharges to post by following the "Step 2: Postings" button in the bottom right-hand corner:

This will take you to a page where you can post all of your bi-lateral recharges to the relevant Xero orgs. See "Posting your Recharges to Xero" for more info.

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