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Posting your Recharges to Xero
Posting your Recharges to Xero
How to post your Recharge Calculations back into your Xero orgs
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Once you have run your Recharge Calculation, you can use the "Step 2: Postings" button to move to the postings screen:

On this screen, we'll show you each of the bi-lateral postings required between the entities in your group for this month. You can choose whether to post these as:

  • Invoice & Bill, or as Journals. If you choose Journals, we will calculate and add a balancing line, and if you have set up the intercompany loan account mappings we will also automatically choose the correct account code.

  • Drafts or Authorised / Posted, depending on whether you're doing Invoice & Bill or Journals

  • Currency, if the two entities have different currencies. If the Xero orgs do not support multi-currency, then the page will force you to post journals in each entity's home currency. If a currency conversion is taking place, you can override the exchange rate being used here too. By default, we use the exchange rate provided by Fixer.

You can also set the following attributes:

  • Issue Date and Due Date for the Invoice and Bill, or the Date of the Journals

  • Invoice Number if doing Invoice & Bill. This will automatically be added as the reference to the Bill

The tax treatment can be set for each line:

If you have created postings before between these entities, and your rules haven't changed materially since then, we will default to whatever tax treatment was used previously.

Once you're happy, use the "Post to Xero" button, and the Invoice & Bill or Journals will be posted into the two respective Xero orgs. If you need to change anything after this point, you can use the "Edit" button to re-open the page and re-post into Xero.

Once you've posted everything, we will prompt you to mark the calculation as final.

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