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Subscription Terms
Subscription Terms, Refunds, and Payment Disputes
Subscription Terms, Refunds, and Payment Disputes
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Subscription Terms:

The MDacne Treatment Trial is a subscription service that continues automatically unless cancelled by the customer. At the end of the 1-month trial period, you will be automatically transitioned to a full subscription. If you wish to cancel or change your plan, please do so 5 days before your next billing and shipping date.

Our trial kits consists of a 1-month supply treatment. Therefore when your trial concludes (after 1 month), you will be charged for your next treatment kit according to the plan you selected at checkout, and thereafter; until your subscription plan is cancelled or modified.

We are committed to your clear skin journey and with your active subscription, we provide ongoing dermatologist chat support and free fine-tuning of your product ingredients if needed. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is at your disposal. This ensures that you receive the correct treatment for your unique skin and get the best possible results.ย 

*Our Customized Acne Treatment plan and Customized Skin Clearing Supplements plan are two separate subscriptions. If you'd like to sign up for both plans, for maximum results, it's best to add the Skin Clearing Supplements via the MDacne app as an add-on to the Acne Treatment plan (recommended). Should you decide to sign up for both the Acne Treatment & Skin Clearing Supplements subscription, please keep in mind that they are managed separately - this includes cancellation.

Return Policy:

Trial Kits are not eligible for a return, nor refund. The shipping & handling fees that you paid for were already used to ship your free set of acne treatment products.
The MDacne Treatment Kit is a subscription service, therefore orders that are automatically shipped after the free trial concludes will also not be eligible for a return, nor refund.

We are only able to accept returns for first time orders of shop products (single orders) that have not been opened (*shop products are items not part of the subscription kit, purchased separately)

Please reach out to the team for shop product returns. You can reach them at Should a return be approved, kindly send them back within 10 days of receipt; and include return tracking information.
MDacne will not cover the shipping costs of sending the products to the customer (processing & shipping fees), nor the shipping costs of returning the products back to the company.

Payments Disputes:

Disputing payments with your bank opens a very long legal investigation process and can delay refunds where valid. If you feel you have been charged incorrectly, please reach out to us first by emailing and we promise to provide assistance as quickly as we can.

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