Tracking Your Shipment - Status

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If the status on your tracking information shows "Forwarded", this refers to postal office forwarding instruction. This happens when you move (permanent or temporary) and inform USPS to forward your mail to a new address.
If order's tracking information is still in transit and this scan comes up, unfortunately, are not able to provide further information or assistance, as this is handled the USPS directly. You will need to contact your local postal office as this will depend on your forwarding instruction with them.

On the other hand, if your order has been returned to us, kindly reach out to us on chat or through email ( so we can assist you further.

*Please keep in mind that you are able to change your shipping address by logging in to your account, either on the app or on the website. Once your package is shipped, we are no longer able to cancel or intercept the item in transit. Please make sure to adjust your shipments prior to your next shipping date.

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