Multiple Charges
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Multiple charges can happen due to various scenarios:

  1. Authorization charge from your bank. You can find more information on that, HERE.

  2. If you cancelled your subscription immediately after signing up, then you renew your service at a later date. This not only creates the possibility of your trial kit not shipping, but you'll also get charged for your next kit, based on your selected plan pricing. Please contact our support team at

  3. If you adjusted your next billing & shipping date immediately after signing up or immediately after getting charged for your next kit. When doing so, it confuses the system automation and ends up postponing your order, and then charging you on the date where you moved your next billing date to. Please contact our support team at *Please keep in mind that the MDhair service is a subscription. If you need to make any changes or need to cancel your plan, kindly do so prior to your next billing date, so you don't risk your next kit from shipping.

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