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Introduction to Integrations
Introduction to Integrations

Automated integrations with popular media and analytical platforms save time and provide deep insights

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Why do Integrations matter?

Simply put, Integrations make your life a whole lot easier. They enable you to:

  • Spend less time sourcing data

  • Spend less time consolidating data

  • Spend less time cleaning data

  • Easily compare and analyze data from different sources

  • Gain better insights

  • Make better decisions; quicker and with more confidence

  • Keep more accurate historical records

How are these benefits achieved?

Integrations funnel and neatly organize all of your campaign data from numerous third-party sources into a single centralized platform, automatically. Rather than viewing data in each individual platform, Integrations bring all that information into your Mediatool account. When the resulting data is combined with Mediatool's full suite of features and reporting tools, the possible insights are endless.

Dynamic and customized reports will allow you to drill down into the results of each platform, compare your historical plans and targets to your current actuals, and even download those reports to share with the rest of the team.

What is required to set up an Integration?

To set up an integration, all you need is administrator-level access to the third-party platform you want to integrate with and a list of measures you want to funnel into Mediatool. We’re currently working on creating step-by-step guides for each of our Integrations.

Which Integrations are currently available?

We’re launching new integrations all the time. Click on the following link to view our updated list of current integrations.

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