In order to maintain a standardized template, the configuration of each Media Type's Sheet View is controlled by your account administrator. If you are looking to add/remove a column in the sheet view or adjust the order of certain columns, please reach out to your internal administrator to discuss your concern and request.

Though, there are certain user-specific setting adjustments one can take to help your day-to-day workflow in the Sheet View.

To access the user-specific Sheet View settings, follow the action in the following GIF:

In the following sections, we detail the settings you can adjust in this panel.

Show/Hide Fields

Users can choose to hide non-required fields from the Sheet View. Simply access the Sheet View settings menu and uncheck the fields you do not want to display.

Required fields cannot be hidden and are therefore displayed in grey.

When hiding fields you need to select the fields you want to hide for each Media Type. Once the settings for each Media type have been updated, the settings will apply to the media types of all other plans within the same organization.

A summary of the total number of hidden fields will show to the left of the Create Order and Export Data buttons so that you can always know if certain fields are hidden or not when viewing a Media Type.

Date Options

You have the option to add the Month, Date, or Day of the Week to the Start and End Date fields.

Fixed Left Columns

Have a few fields that you want to freeze/fix as you scroll from left to right? You can fix up to the first 10 columns in the Sheet View by following the steps below:


You have the option to show the creative material and/or thumbnail in the Sheet View.

This allows you to upload files in connection with individual media activities (line items) directly from the Sheet View.

Alternatively, if a file has already been uploaded in connection with an activity in the Delivery Plan section, the file will show automatically when showing the creative material in the Sheet View.


Every line item in Mediatool is provided with a Unique Tracking Identifier (UTI). You can show UTI codes in the Sheet View in their own column, if desired.

Sheet View Header

In the Sheet View Header, you have the option of displaying Header Fields (if there are any) or Media Type specific targets (if there are any).

In the example GIF below, the overall Plan budget of 1,500,000 has been allocated in the Targets section so that there is a 700,000 target for Display and an 800,000 target for Paid Social. These Media Type specific budget targets can be shown in the header by using the toggle below.

Resize column widths

You can easily re-size any particular row or column. However, resizing does not save after you navigate away from the page.

Get Support

Have questions or need help? You can reach us directly via the messenger on or the contact support button located in the top right corner of the Mediatool App.

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