What is Trellis Images?

Trellis Images is a plugin that can be paired with your Trellis WordPress theme to non-destructively generate next generation image formats (.webp, in this case) and serve those formats to compatible browsers.

When we say "non-destructively", we mean that Trellis images will not modify or change your existing images. It will only use those images as a resource to generate new images as .webp

❗ Note: Trellis Images will only generate and serve next-gen formats from images stored and served from your WordPress media library. It will not perform for images served from a remote CDN or remote URL, but should work as intended if you're using a fully sitewide CDN. Your host should be able to provide more information on leveraging a CDN for your website.

Where can you get Trellis Images?

If you've purchased a Trellis License in the Mediavine Marketplace, you'll find a link to download the Trellis Images plugin from your Marketplace account downloads page.

Once you've downloaded the plug-in you can follow the steps in this document to upload and activate the plug-in for your site.

What do you need to do to make Trellis Images work?

Trellis Images has no settings. You just need to install it, activate it, and give it time to generate and serve the new formats. In most cases, serving next-gen image formats can result in higher PageSpeed scores and better performance scores in Lighthouse.

What if you decide you no longer want to use Trellis Images? Can you deactivate it?

If you disable Trellis Images at any point, your originally uploaded images will be served instead. This should result in no downtime for your site or your images.

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